Bar & Restaurant

Le Petit Gili

Staying in Gili La Boheme you will never be either hungry or thirsty…

We have our own bar in Gili La Boheme as well as we include a nice filling breakfast. There are noodles and snacks for sell. We sell Bintang beer. We have a free water filling station.


Just across the road you find the vegetarian restaurant. Here is also where you can join Yoga classes 3 times a day.

Walk 5 min and enjoy one of the famous burgers from Le Petit Gili. le-petit-gili-burgerLe Petit is open 24/7 and you will always meet friendly and happy staff.





Walk 10 min to Gili Viking if you feel like sitting on the beach for a meal, happy our och just come for a swim to look for turtles. Gili Viking offers a fantastic menu with good prices. If you are from Scandinavia and you miss some food from home, come and try our Swedish meatballs with mash and lingonberry.


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